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About us


Celeste Mendis is a London based brand that proudly embraces its Italian and South Asian heritage, specialising in the creation of limited-edition designer goods crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Our focus lies in the micro-production of artisanal designs, ensuring each piece is imbued with unique character and quality craftsmanship.

Our brand ethos promotes a lifestyle characterised by self-confidence, freedom, and individuality. We cater to individuals seeking diverse artistic expressions in their wardrobes, offering curated collections that reflect their distinct personalities and tastes.

At Celeste Mendis, we are deeply committed to embarking on a sustainability journey. In line with this commitment, we have made conscious choices in selecting eco-friendly materials for our packaging. Opting for corrugated packaging allows us to take another significant step towards reducing our environmental footprint while prioritising the safe and sustainable delivery of your orders.

Every decision we make reflects our dedication to conscious living and responsible fashion, ensuring that our brand aligns seamlessly with our core values.

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